Friday, June 12, 2009

Taylor "Retires"

Jesus must be coming soon.

The Daily Press announced today that Charles A. Taylor is "retiring" from TNCC. Read the story at:,0,1220017.story

I guess "retiring" means that he gets benefits that he wouldn't get if he "resigned" (or if he was "fired" which is what the faculty did to him last year).

The Daily Press article reminds readers that Taylor was working on a "special project" for the VCCS. Now isn't that just "special." Has anybody seen the finished product? Or did Virginia taxpayers drop two hundred grand to prevent Taylor from suing the state alleging racial discrimination? Well, it was money well spent since it got him out the door.

He had/has friends in high places so you can bet that most of us don't know half of the "dirt" that must have prompted the chancellor to give him a "sabbatical."

Let's hope that if he tries to get another job colleges will use due diligence better than TNCC and VCCS did.

Taylor already had a rap sheet when he was hired at TNCC. Too bad thems what hired him aren't paying a price too.


Anonymous said...

The hiring commitee had no confidence in him from day one, but just like Thomas Nelson always does, they ignored the voices of reason.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that the search committees are a waste of time and money. All the effort expended only to have Taylor (and, now, Alvin Sixpack) choose whomever he wishes to fill a slot (usually a crony, relative, or a royal member of diversity). If someone wanted to investigate even further, they would find blatant violations of state law (and probably Federal statutes as well) in what goes on in the Human Resources office at TNCC. So, ignoring reason, rules, and laws seems to fit a pattern on the Hampton campus. As the old saying goes, "SNAFU!!" For those who have never watched "Saving Private Ryan" or had military experience, the SNAFU acronym translates as "Situation Normal-All F*****ed Up." And so it is at TNCC.

Flagstiffed said...

The fix was already in according to Flagstiffed's sources when Taylor was hired. Ditto Alvin Snixsnax.