Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back to School FAQ

Ok boys and girls, everybodies back to school, and Flagstiffed is back from vacation (except when I was checking on and approving your message postings from my undisclosed location) so its time for an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and another open forum.

Who is Flagstiffed? "Flagstiffed" is a friend of your college. The college that made a difference in my life when I needed to take a new direction. You have made a difference to me. You make a difference to many many many many students. I can't thank you enough. Over the years I've kept in touch with former teachers and employees. What they have told me over the past couple of years about your current administration makes me very sad. So I thought I'd give you a chance to tell your story and to air your concerns. And to dish the dirt--not gossip, not rumors but genuwhine 120 proof dirt. The real news, not the fake news in "Fluffstuff" or "Flagstaff" or whatever its called. So really Flagstiffed is YOU!!!

Where do you find the stuff that you publish? Kids, alot of this is available in public domain. Too bad your leaders have covered it up or were too lazy to dig. Alot of this stuff has been communicated to us from folks on the Left Coast (your president has no friends out here, doncha know). But most important: YOU SEND ME STUFF! Thank you for those emails.

How come some people get emails from you with updates? Well, I'm not sure if your ticked off because you DO get mail from me or if your ticked off because you DON"T get email from me. Some names I pick at random (thanks to your Web site). Some names are the names of teachers I admire (they know who they are) or employees I got to know. Some names I just pick at random.

Does the administration know about this Web site? You bet. Your main office in Richmond knows. Your administration knows. Don't you feel better now knowing thatt?

Are you really our college's president or one of his henchmen? That rumor came my way recently. LOL! And then I cried. Thats got to tell you something about the paranoia on your campus. Don't forget kids: Paranoia, like shit, flows down from the top. Get out of the slipstream.

Do news media know about this Web site? Some of them do. Do you really think they give a damn?

If I post an anonymous comment, can it be traced or identified? Nope. I can't tell who you are. Google/Blogger doesn't give a crap who you are. If you send us email though please use a dummy email account that can't be identified.

How do I post a comment? As always, click on the underlined links to post a comment. Click on Flagstiffed email link to send us mail. The comments are moderated, so I have to approve them before they actually appear on the Web. (Some folks were touching a few legal and ethical nerves with their messages, so we want to make sure they everybodyies protected and we can keep this operation going. No "defamation per se" here.)