Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Executive Harrassment: False Charges of Racism End Free Speech

One of the veteran faculty members in speech at Tommy Tech High School (formerly known as a community college) was the object of the unwanted attentions of two Vice Principals recently. Call it executive harassment.

According to numerous reports that Flagstiffed has received, the speech instructor was teaching a course in which the final speech given by a white student promoted the controversial position that the word “nigger” should NOT be used either by white people or by black people.

Apparently a black student in the class thought that the speech was racist and went running to Vice Principal for Students, Dr. Bivouac Stumbler-Bumbler, to complain. The black student claimed that the white student’s speech said that white people SHOULD use the word “nigger”.

Vice Principal Stumbler-Bumbler took it upon herself to visit the speech class in order to reassure students that the Tommy Tech High School Principal, Dr. Charles Seamstress Ponzi, would not tolerate no high falutin white crackers to upset their pretty little heads with controversial ideas or language. She was reported to have said that the white student’s topic was “unfortunate”.

Vice Principal Stumbler-Bumbler was joined in this executive harassment by Vice Principal for Academics, Dr. Ricky Flimflam.

Here’s the lesson for students: Any false charge of racism will get the attention of the school’s Principal and Vice Principals. Drama will get you more attention than self discipline.

Here’s the lesson for teachers: Watch your back. Anybody can be falsely accused. Don’t expect your leaders to support you. Tell your students how wonderful they are and give them good grades. The problem at Tommy Tech High School is that you are racists who don’t know how to treat urban black students.

(This report was sent to us by HSB. Flagstiffed has checked with our sources for it's accuracy.)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Free Expression RIP: TNCC IT Blocks Flagstiffed

It is with great regret that we inform you of the death of Free Expression at TNCC.

After sending several messages to TNCC email accounts with the latest updates on the campus assault of an instructor and the police stonewalling of same Flagstiffed's email began receiving the following messages from the TNCC automated postmaster:

Barracuda Spam Firewall Your message to:
was blocked by our Spam Firewall. The email you sent with the following subject has NOT BEEN DELIVERED: TNCC Instructor Assaulted, Campus Police Stonewalls

Students, faculty and staff fondly remember Free Expression as a disrespectful but lively friend who could always be counted on to make life interesting.

However Free Expression also frightened campus administrators some of which found themselves the center of Free Expression's unwelcome attention.

With the passing of Free Expression TNCC will now officially be known as Tommy Tech High School.

Friends may leave condolence and memorial messages by clicking on the underlined title of this blog article.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Manic Masturbator Assaults Instructor

Teen Wanker Wacks Teacher at Tommy Tech

(Hampton, Virginia) On Monday night, when an Information Technology instructor at Tommy Tech High School entered his classroom he discovered an adolescent (not a student) sitting in front of a computer viewing pornography and masturbating. When the teacher attempted to keep the juvie visitor from leaving in order for campus police to arrive the wacky wacker assaulted the teacher. A case of jerkoff interruptus.

News of the assault began to circulate around the campus the next day but campus police claimed at a faculty senate meeting on Tuesday that they legally could not comment on the incident since a juvenile was involved.

One legal expert characterized that claim as “bogus, sham, ass covering bullshit to cover the sorry ass” of Tommy Tech High School principal Charles Ponzi. Apparently Ponzi is hosting a national meeting on the high school campus next week and wants everything cleaned up before his friends arrive.

Speaking of cleanup, one report received by Flagstiffed claims that the pervie perp left some of his DNA behind which is good for forensics but bad for housekeeping. Note to instructors: Ask your administration if the room has been decontaminated. In the meantime carry some handiwipes with you.

No word yet on the condition of the instructor. One email to Flagstiffed indicated that the instructor had been bitten by the abusive self abuser. Hope the teen perp has been tested for both HIV and hepatitis and that Tommy Tech High School has good liability insurance.

Campus police and the PR department are still stonewalling. The incident has not been reported to the campus at large.

You’d think that in a day and age when nutcase students and campus crime is a concern Tommy Tech’s administration would be interested in informing its public not in covering up. But Tommy Tech principal Ponzi has a long rap sheet of trying to save face rather than facing the music.