Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taylor Pounds Pavement Looking For Work

Flagstiffed was too sad to report the mess at TNCC back in the spring after the faculty passed a vote of no confidence on Charles A. Taylor. The news media and the Daily Mess blogs seemed to be doing a good enough job of doing what Flagstiffed did before. Flagstiffed's mailbox has been quiet.

Now there's good news for TNCC. Flagstiffed's mailbox got suddently busy today. Flagstiffed has learned from TNCC folks that disgraced and discredited president Charles A. Taylor is now looking for work.

He's a candidate for a job in California at Riverside Community College District. Among the things they say they are looking for? --
  • Provide leadership in the utilization of the $250 million in bond funding—including using this local •
    funding source to leverage other resources at the state level and in the private sector.
Oh baby will he "utilize" that money!

  • Maintain an inclusive approach to shared governance that promotes collaboration, communication, and collegiality in achieving the District’s goal of maintaining a learning-centered environment.
    Provide leadership and support that will expand Interest Based Bargaining with all employee groups. Encourage open communication throughout the District and in the community that will support and •
    preserve the history of RCCD. Demonstrates a passion for educational quality and feels comfortable with the collaborative process utilized in shared governance and interest based bargaining
Yeah, right. Maybe somebody at Riverside should check out the TNCC morale survey what they thought of his leadership there.
  • Demonstrates abstract thinking skills with practical solutions.
  • A leader committed to the highest level of personal and professional integrity. An administrator with a management style that is inclusive, visible, collaborative, open, approachable, and accessible. An individual with exceptional interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills An individual who can facilitate a process of participatory governance and inclusiveness, so that introspective analysis will promote transformation at each of the colleges.

If they think that CATman has these qualities (or why else is he one of the people there interviewing), they deserve him as their Beloved Leader. The line for the special Koolaid forms here. Enjoying your refreshing beverage Riverside faculty staff and students!

You can read all about it at:


Then click on the candidate bios ("supplied by the candidates") to see what Charles Taylor thinkgs of himself.

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Riverside Community College picked their chancellor.