Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Old Dawg, Old Tricks

Just like you can’t change a leopard’s spots or teach an old dawg new tricks, you can’t expect TNCC President Charles A. Taylor to change his ways. No matter how many times he sheds his professional skin (Spokane Chancellor, Oakland Vice Chancellor), he’s still a snake.

Now he’s up to his old tricks at TNCC where he is about to railroad a curriculum change over the objection of faculty experts and over the Faculty Senate and its curriculum committee, according to reports that Flagstiffed has received from faculty over the past week.

Faculty learned two weeks ago that Taylor had used surrogate administrators (his usual method of keeping his fingerprints off things that might blow up though his DNA is all over the stuff) to strong arm Biology faculty to change a course prerequisite. They turned him down. The serpentine Taylor then got his surrogates to go to the faculty’s curriculum committee. They weren’t buying it either. Now he’s going to go directly to his college board over the objection of the faculty.

This repeats Taylor’s history at previous institutions where the Serpent King has tried the same things. However the TNCC faculty have a long track record of standing up to bullies. At a packed house faculty meeting last week Taylor is reported to have tried explaining his proposal. But faculty had already learned of Taylor’s threats if he didn’t get his way, so they gave as good as they got. One faculty member described Taylor as “Bojangles on a unicycle—the only man who can tap dance while he backpedals”.

Things will get very interesting at the monthly meeting of the college’s governing board on Wednesday, March 26, where faculty and students are reportedly planning to show up in numbers. Taylor can’t stand public dissent or anything that makes him look bad. Heads will probably roll but the King Charles’ eventually will be one of them.

If you see fireworks over Hampton Virginia it may be the shot heard round the world. The beginning of the end of the Taylor presidency.

All of this is an old script in what is laughingly called Taylor’s “career” but is really the movie “Independence Day” where aliens move from planet to planet, plundering one planet to get what they want before moving on to the next and plundering it.

It sounds like the Americans (the TNCC faculty) have found their courage and are getting ready to strike back.


Anonymous said...

Taylor has met a brick wall known as the Faculty Senate. He truly is a fish out of water without his pit bull lawyer and special assistant by his side when he goes to meetings. That was apparent at the meeting of the Faculty Senate last week where nearly the entire faculty met to defend the TNCC community from any attempt by Taylor to strongarm his policies down the throats of the faculty. He stammered out stats and statements that bore no relation to the questions asked by the faculty. He had no one to coach his answers or pad his stats without his loyal court jesters by his side. It was a sight to behold. Finally, Taylor was in a spot where he looked vulnerable for a change. It was a magic moment.

The faculty, staff, students, and other interested citizens are planning to be at the board meeting tomorrow in force, several rows deep when the overflow from the tiny room floods out into the center hallway of Moore Hall. It will be wonderful to see!!! It could be the 21st century version of Lexington and Concord. How appropriate to be so historic in an are so soaked with the history of the American story, that even the very campus bears the name of a patriot of the first American Revolution.........

The coiled serpent on a flag bearing the words "Don't Tread On Me" was a banner that lead so many to a revolution for independence. Let it now be a banner to lead a campus in its effort to rid itself of a serpent so vile that a name cannot be found to describe it. May the effort be blessed in its justice and may all who endeavor be strong in heart........


Security said...

We will be there to oversee the meeting so beware and behave! Mr Taylor is our leader so don't disrespect the man.

Security said...

We will be there to oversee the meeting so beware and behave! Mr Taylor is our leader so don't disrespect the man.

Anonymous said...

It is so refreshing to know that even in a public forum, some do not understand the concept of "free speech." Why, even those who are to serve and protect bristle at the idea that others may not agree with their spin on protection and selfless service.

Beware? Behave? Look in the mirror, "Secruity" and see if honesty, integrity, and loyalty are gazing back at you. Professionalism is not projected or perceived with the threat of intimidation. Maybe it would be time better spent if you learned to keep better track of your gun instead of spending time looking for it after you lose it......!!!

Anonymous said...

The comments in The Daily Press are getting more and more to the root of some of the frustration at TNCC. The analogy would be the proverbial pressure cooker. Better stay out of the kitchen...it's going to blow any minute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Daily Press published an article regarding the meeting on Wednesday night. Despite its poor spelling AND grammar, the article did reflect the news about the first victory in the faculty's struggle to maintain integrity and validity in TNCC's curriculum. The Board also reflected that it had integrity when it enforced rules of order in adhering strictly to its agenda.

The worry now is that Taylor will continue to punch at the faculty armor and find its weak spot. The faculty will stand strong, never fear.

We were aware and well behaved. The eloquence of speakers brought some to tears. TNCC has gathered in a just cause. May the faculty, staff, and students continue to be blessed in this process.