Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daily Mess Discussion Board

See our posting (below) about Charles "Chucky Cheezie" Taylor's interview in the Daily Mess recently. You can now view responses to the interview from Daily Mess readers at

You'll even find a posting by The Almighty (who Taylor said sent him to TNCC)!!!!

As of Sunday March 23 there are 161 messages posted by people. Flagstiffed will archive thse in case the Daily Mess shuts the board down. We will republish them here if so.


Anonymous said...

Where oh where IS God? It certainly feels like He and the chancellor have forsaken the faculty and students at TNCC.

It seems like we have all been relegated to burn in the racist hate mongering hell that Taylor has created for us.

Where ARE God and the chancellor when we need them?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Public Relations Office at TNCC could have ever imagined the floodgate that would open when the Daily Press interview was scheduled for Dr. Taylor? Probably not even a second thought about it, if the truth be known. Well, the horses are out of the barn now, for sure. For the TNCC community that has for months beared its soul within the confines of this blog, the article has been the breath of fresh air it had hoped for in prayer and whisper!

Let's see Dr. Taylor either close that barn door or floodgate now!!!!His rule by retribution may be in place, but can he really fire the entire faculty and staff and still have a campus for students? Not really.....Wha'cha gonna do, Mr. President?

Anonymous said...

Seems like quite a hornet's nest has been stirred up with that fluff article in The Daily Press. And, the group enjoying the luxury of position on the TNCC campus-diversity at its best-are squealing the loudest about hate speech! There is no hate speech. The faculty, staff, and students are sick of the discrimination in cultural events, hiring policies, and relations in the work place!

If you walk around the campus offices at TNCC, the diversity can be seen only in the color shade! That really wouldn't matter at all if some of the individuals were qualified in their positions. But that is not the case. Promises made with sorority/fraternity members have placed some of these people-some in VP positions. Others have been placed in positions that require degrees (and guess who is lacking in that department-no degrees at all). How can this happen? If one dares speak out about discrimination in the reverse form, you will be marked and forced out-Don't rock that boat!!! Of course, the boat is sailing so smoothly right now, isn't it?

No one cares WHO sits in a position in an office at TNCC, as long as the person is QUALIFIED for the position. BUT, when some one is passed over for a position who is more qualified than the person who was hired (and it is obvious as to the reason-race), there is a sense of manipulation of guidelines, circumvention of recommendation/approval of search committees, and disrespect of the staff and faculty in general.

I am sure some Federal discrimination mandates have been violated by the Human Resources Office at TNCC (and by the administration in Harrision Hall). The only reason there has not been any convening of investigating authority is due to the FEAR FACTOR on the campus. If the person is "ratted out" by the leaks from the Human Resources pipeline, that person will be gone like last week's leftovers!!!!

Let the Daily Press get a grip on that bone and chew on it for a story!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh! There is a theme in the comments in The Daily Press article that has been stirring up the furor of the community. White staff being transferred due to the wishes of the black majority in the office? The campus police department is in an uproar because of perceived "hate" speech. And, comments are coming in from areas formerly victimized by Dr. Taylor in his various tenures of administration in colleges and universities.

I guess implosion may be an optimum term here.....Standby for the countdown.....10-9-8-7.......

Anonymous said...

"In the first year, there was an issue of morale" (Taylor, 2008). With 159 comments on the Daily Mess Discussion Board (so far, anyway), it's a good thing that the morale "issue" is in the past!

King Charles continues to suffer from a variety of delusions.