Thursday, October 11, 2007

Manic Masturbator Assaults Instructor

Teen Wanker Wacks Teacher at Tommy Tech

(Hampton, Virginia) On Monday night, when an Information Technology instructor at Tommy Tech High School entered his classroom he discovered an adolescent (not a student) sitting in front of a computer viewing pornography and masturbating. When the teacher attempted to keep the juvie visitor from leaving in order for campus police to arrive the wacky wacker assaulted the teacher. A case of jerkoff interruptus.

News of the assault began to circulate around the campus the next day but campus police claimed at a faculty senate meeting on Tuesday that they legally could not comment on the incident since a juvenile was involved.

One legal expert characterized that claim as “bogus, sham, ass covering bullshit to cover the sorry ass” of Tommy Tech High School principal Charles Ponzi. Apparently Ponzi is hosting a national meeting on the high school campus next week and wants everything cleaned up before his friends arrive.

Speaking of cleanup, one report received by Flagstiffed claims that the pervie perp left some of his DNA behind which is good for forensics but bad for housekeeping. Note to instructors: Ask your administration if the room has been decontaminated. In the meantime carry some handiwipes with you.

No word yet on the condition of the instructor. One email to Flagstiffed indicated that the instructor had been bitten by the abusive self abuser. Hope the teen perp has been tested for both HIV and hepatitis and that Tommy Tech High School has good liability insurance.

Campus police and the PR department are still stonewalling. The incident has not been reported to the campus at large.

You’d think that in a day and age when nutcase students and campus crime is a concern Tommy Tech’s administration would be interested in informing its public not in covering up. But Tommy Tech principal Ponzi has a long rap sheet of trying to save face rather than facing the music.


shark said...

I think masturbation is quite common among juveniles. one day, a speaker on asked me whether this could get HIV infected or not. actually, i don't know, so i wander whether it will or not!

Flagstiffed said...

You cannot get AIDS from masturbation. However, your hair will fall out, hair will grow on your palms, and you will go insane.

Anonymous said...

President Ponzi and his bobble heads don't want to know what we're dealing with in the classroom. I was an observor at a meeting where deans brought up there concerns about a dramatic increase in the number of student behavior problems that they were dealing with including hostile behavior to faculty and students. Ponzi didn't want to hear it ("another rumor, just an urban legend") so he did what he usually does when you try to convey bad news that he doesnt want to hear: He grilled and interrogated the deans: "Have you documeneted these cases, how many cases are we talking about, what is the number of the increase?" Of course, like the rest of us, there swamped, so records are spotty.

Cover up. Deny. Stonewall. Blame somebody else (deans and faculty are "profiling"). Discredit the concern ("just the usual complaining faculty").

Folks, you know things are bad when DEANS for crying out loud start complaining.

AP News report on the recent school shooting in Cleveland: School had dozens of security cameras but nutter student still got in and did his dirty work while the cameras watched.

Tommy Tech's cops proudly point to our new digital camera system. But here's the dirty secret: Often theres nobody watching!

So if a shooter shows up at Tommy Tech, the state police will have lots of forensic evidence. We just won't prevent it from happening.

I'm packing.

Anonymous said...

This is how the assault on the instructor thing is going to play out.

Campus police are conducting an "ongoing" investigation so they can't comment. The assualt involves a minor so they can't comment.

Then once President Ponzi's black community college leadership conference next week (starting Monday October 15) is over, suddently police and PR will issue an announcement. The announcement will have very few details.

Since the event will already be a week old, the idiots at the Daily Press will yawn and say oh that's old news.

Anonymous said...

Pop Quiz

Directions: Choose the correct response.

At the faculty senate meeting on tuesday the day after the assault on the instructor, the campus police told the senate that they couldn't even comment on the assault because the assailant was a minor.

Were the police:

A) So ignorant of the law that they actually believed that they could not comment at all (rather than only being forbidden to name the adolescent assailant).

B) So stupid that they thought faculty would buy their bullshit

C) All of the above.

Marge Inavera said...

It looks like President Ponzi has another lawsuit on his hands (how many is that now?).

To the assaulted instructor: I'm assuming you've secured an attorney. Several faculty on campus can recommend names if you have not.

Charges to start with:
-Reckless misconduct
-Civil rights violations, such as the deprivation of personal security

Anonymous said...

Have read recently, on our obviously bias Daily Press, that the Governor, his Cabinet, and now the President of ODU have given back portions of their raises, or a percentage of their salaries otherwise, back to the schools or Government. At TNCC our Vice Presidents and our President do not feel it necessary to do that. They just furlough P-14 to help make up the deficit.

Flagstiffed said...

Flagstiffed was informed last April that you faculty senate passed a resolution calling on the executives of the college to contribute toward a relief fund for the part time workers who were laid off and to publish the amount of their contributions.

According to our sources here is the administration reply to that faculty resolution:

Flagstiffed said...

I didn't hit the submit button too soon. Nothing. No reply from the administration.

Folks you are in it for the duration. Flagstiffed sources tell us that your chancellor is using containment mode. Because president Ponzi is the only minority president in your system he is sitting in the catbird seat. So your chancellor is trying to contain the damage to the system.

For now.

One of your faculty reported to us late last night that your system is conducting a equal employment audit and that your college is on the first of the colleges to where they are sending auditors.

Anonymous said...

Faculty have reported:

Students wearing gang clothing and paraphernalia.

Students using gang hand signing.

Students writing gang signs on notebooks, binders, and textbooks.

I don't care if this does not constitute prima facie evidence of gang "membership"; it does create a hostile and intimidating climate on campus for students, faculty and staff, which the campus police and the Ponzi administration ignore at their peril.

Anonymous said...

more dirty little secrets...

what was the administration's response last summer to a faculty member who was sexually attacked by an ex-student ?

You can press charges if you want; however, we can't do anything about it here. It is a matter of "he said, she said."

Perhaps if our so-called administrators had some sensitivity training, they might learn that victims don't ask to be attacked in campus hallways.

Flagstiffed said...

Apparently there are a lot of soiled underpants in Tommy Tech's hamper. The President Ponzi Police apparently have been instructed to keep lid on the hamper.

Just today, Flagstiffed has received two messages from faculty:

One, a faculty member was being stalked by a student; campus police said there was nothing they could do.

Two, the Manic Masturbator of this week's news bulletin had been seen on campus for a couple of weeks and reported to campus police by several.

Flagstiffed has also learned that women faculty in particular have reported feeling unsafe when they are teaching at night. Apparently theres little police presence after class and little customer service from police.

What are your campus police actually doing pray tell?

Anonymous said...

Not just another McCollege or where have all the leaders gone?

Flagstiffed has established the serious lack of leadership within the Ponzi regime. One lone voice of the VP of Academic Affairs is not enough to make a difference because the rest of the Ponzi regime believes that all white people are its sworn enemies. How can one VP make a difference especially since the rest of the VPs wouldn't know the difference between a student or an errant masturbator?

The Ponzi regime has flourished by hiring an administrator who believes that a basketball team and cheer leaders will keep students on campus. It is no accident that the increase in racism on campus has grown exponentially since the arrival of the VP of Student Affairs. As long as the Ponzi regime flagrantly promotes and fosters an environment of distrust snd disrepect between the races, student learning will remain on the back burner and the only learning that will occur is that racism is alive and well at TNCC.

Racism will continue to flourish as long as there is only one VP who knows that a college education requires students to grow and learn outside of their comfort zones.

TNCC citizens need start making some REAL noise and let all of the VCCS know that TNCC is NOT just another McCollege, but a REAL college with citizens who believe that education and learning matter more than skin color.

Anonymous said...

Let's take a tally here....
==Cops receive grants for new equipment and training but don't have the manpower to watch campus cameras or patrol campus. On paper, the police look so good! Ah, yes, the TNCC version of a paper tiger!
==Cops are assigned to Parking Office to issue decals but leave faculty and students stranded after dark when walking across campus or to parking lots.
==Police chief is good on show but not on substance when it comes to enforcing policy. He does excel in setting new height and distance marks when President Ponzi tells him to jump.
==President Ponzi continues his flawless record of lawsuits, litigation, smoke and mirror speeches, and polarization of races at TNCC that he established in California and the Pacific NW. The Coast-to-Coast Catastrophe!
==If security does not seem to be the focus of the Keystone Kop Kontingent at TNCC, should there be a plea for assistance from Homeland Security? Since TNCC seems to maintain an "open door" policy for all who wish to access its campus with no regard to status as student, staff, or faculty, why should there even be a need for identification cards or vehicle decals? Come one, come all! Since there does not seem to be control of those who use resources such as the computer labs, is there control over who is in the classroom? How many students are in the hallways of the campus buildings who are selling drugs, intimidating students (or faculty or staff), or causing other problems at will?

So far, the tally is zero for common sense and "great googly moogly" for just how out of control the situaion is at the Hampton campus. Gosh, a simple math problem for the simple-minded...Hey, Richmond! Hey, Chancellor! This one's for you!!!

Marge Inavera said...

Way to go, Flagstiffed. This finally appeared in e-Flagstaff the TNCC employee newsletter today:

On Monday, Oct. 8 at Thomas Nelson Community College’s Hampton campus, an assault involving a visiting minor and a TNCC faculty member reportedly occurred . The faculty member reported the incident at 6:52 p.m. TNCC Police arrived at the scene at 6:54 p.m.. The victim, who reported scratches and bite marks, was treated and released from a local hospital. TNCC Police reports also indicate damage to a few chairs in the classroom as a result of the alleged incident. This matter remains under investigation.

I guess the Keystone Kops can stonewall only so long. Is this a crack in the Ponzi iron curtain? Or is his conference over so he can let the news leak out?

Senator said...

It looks like the Daily Press which up to this point has been in a persistent vegatative state has tempoorarily come out of its coma. Thanks to reporter Shawn Day who must be young or new or both. The DP will soon break him of the habit of initiating investigative journalism since the paper's MO is vegatative journalism.

You think the "authorities" would know that the coverup is always worse than the crime, but President Ponzi like all narcisisstic paranoids (I had to look that up to make sure that I got it right) can't stand bad press that makes them look like they are. Notice that TNCC is still trying to wiggle out of the truth.

Anywho, here's the story in today's DP:

TNCC tight-lipped on assault

The incident at Thomas Nelson Community College involves a juvenile and a faculty member, but officials are reluctant to release other information.

By SHAWN DAY 247-4816

October 17, 2007

More than a week after the fact and after multiple requests for information by the Daily Press, Thomas Nelson Community College issued an e-mailed "crime alert" Tuesday saying an "assault involving a visiting minor and a TNCC faculty member reportedly occurred" on Oct. 8.

The alert did not indicate which of the two was the victim, but said the faculty member reported the incident at the Hampton campus at 6:52 p.m., and that the victim was treated at a local hospital for scratches and bite marks, then released. Chairs in a classroom were also damaged, according to the alert.

Cecilia Ramirez, the college's director of public relations and marketing, on Monday was reluctant to release information, except to say the incident was an assault involving a minor at Templin Hall, that the victim received bites and scratches and chairs were damaged. No information was released about a faculty member being involved.

On Tuesday, Ramirez said that an arrest had been made but that no information about the suspect could be released. She said no other suspects were being pursued, and cited exemptions to public records law in refusing to disclose the charges filed against the arrested person. No other information would be released, she said, because doing so could jeopardize an "ongoing investigation."

"That's all campus police are willing to release at this time," Ramirez said.

According to the Law Enforcement Guide to Virginia's Freedom of Information Act, "With the exception of juvenile defenders, the identities of persons arrested, the charges against them, and the status of the charge or arrest must be released without exception," said Megan Rhyne, associate director for the Virginia Coalition of Open Government.

Campus Police Chief Eddie Perry did not return a call seeking information. The officer investigating the incident, identified by Ramirez as a Sgt. Dailey, also could not be reached.

In another interview later Tuesday, Ramirez insisted she never said an arrest had been made, and that she never said the incident was reported at 6:52 p.m. on Oct. 8.

However, in her final statement of the day, Ramirez wrote in an e-mail, "the faculty member reported the incident at 6:52 p.m.."

The e-mail also said the incident remained under investigation.

Flagstiffed said...

Seems like the police and PR can't get their stories straight.

Several of you reported last spring when Flagstiffed got started that one of your VPs had sent out a message to all employees a couple days befor your annual awards dinner that the dinner was canceled because of the Tech shootings.

But then your president said at a meeting a couple days later that the awards dinner WAS NOT cancelled because of the Tech shootings.

These clowns can't get their stories straight if their lives depend on them. But it looks like other peoples lives depend on it now.

Flagstiffed said...

Flagstiffed has gotten a lot of thank you emails today about this story appearing in your paper but let me make one thing clear:

You TNCC faculty and employees are my heroes.

I'm just a messenger.

Thanks go to intrepid reporter Shawn Day. You can reach him at

Just don't send him email from your college account!!! LOL!!!

There's more dirt. Keep diggin' folks.

Oh by the way, last summer somebody reported that they were audio recording every meeting they attended with your president. Anybody hear anything more about that? Is somebody fixin' to sue him? (Again!)

Anonymous said...

Has this masturbation case went to court yet? Was it thrown out due to the Keystone Cops handling of it? If they can't handle a whacker, God forbid another VT incident at Tommie Tech. From what I witness, the cops would be the first to leave campus!!!

Anonymous said...

The Manic Masturbator's identity became known when he appeared in court. He is the son of the current TNCC SGA President.
That answers some questions about why nothing more was done or said by TNCC administrators and why he was allowed to be on campus masturbating while mom was in class