Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Free Expression RIP: TNCC IT Blocks Flagstiffed

It is with great regret that we inform you of the death of Free Expression at TNCC.

After sending several messages to TNCC email accounts with the latest updates on the campus assault of an instructor and the police stonewalling of same Flagstiffed's email began receiving the following messages from the TNCC automated postmaster:

Barracuda Spam Firewall Your message to:
was blocked by our Spam Firewall. The email you sent with the following subject has NOT BEEN DELIVERED: TNCC Instructor Assaulted, Campus Police Stonewalls

Students, faculty and staff fondly remember Free Expression as a disrespectful but lively friend who could always be counted on to make life interesting.

However Free Expression also frightened campus administrators some of which found themselves the center of Free Expression's unwelcome attention.

With the passing of Free Expression TNCC will now officially be known as Tommy Tech High School.

Friends may leave condolence and memorial messages by clicking on the underlined title of this blog article.


Anonymous said...

I guess it was just a matter of time Flagstiffed. I'm surprised they didn't block your emails to us months ago especially the way that President Ponzi can't stand to have public dissent or to have the flaws in his administration pointed out.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens....I am a former TNCC employee and recently sent emails to a few former colleagues at TNCC to say hello. I think my original made it through to them but when I replied to messages they sent me, some (but not all) of my emails were returned to me by the evil Barracuda spam filter. Seems as though there could be free speech for some but not all at TNCC....what is going on there????

Anonymous said...

It is fascinating to note that Ponzi and his pals have no trouble promoting the fantasies of peace, harmony, and all is well at TNCC. The glowing reports about budget, morale, enrollment, and improvements would make any CEO proud (probably including all those black CEOs who just attended an event at the behest of King Charles I). Yet, when the truth surfaces in the only forum available without fear of retribution, intimidation, or harassment, King Charles I fears it so much, he orders his knights at the IT table to close the gates, fill the moats, and protect their king at all costs.

If the Daily Press is beginning to have a case of testosterone in its reporting, perhaps the reporters will continue to search for that elusive truth that has escaped from most of the TNCC administration. Perhaps the public will finally be able to read in print what everyone at TNCC sees on a daily basis-deceit, racial bias, and down right stupidity at the highest levels in Harrison Hall.

Fear not, TNCC Gators, your release from the bondage of Ponzi may be at hand!!!

Flagstiffed said...

Flagstiffed is your messenger. You are my heroes.

You can post your news here (its still a moderated forum cause some folks anger comes on pretty strong with the language they use).

Or you can send me an email:

Anonymous said...

Freedom of expression dead at TNCC? Surely you exaggerate!

Just because the bobbleheads in King Charles' court nod approvingly at any and every royal pronouncement, that doesn't necessarily mean that they've lost their freedom of speech.

Isn't it possible that they're merely awed by his leadership skills and have been rendered utterly speechless by the force of his personality?