Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back to School FAQ

Ok boys and girls, everybodies back to school, and Flagstiffed is back from vacation (except when I was checking on and approving your message postings from my undisclosed location) so its time for an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and another open forum.

Who is Flagstiffed? "Flagstiffed" is a friend of your college. The college that made a difference in my life when I needed to take a new direction. You have made a difference to me. You make a difference to many many many many students. I can't thank you enough. Over the years I've kept in touch with former teachers and employees. What they have told me over the past couple of years about your current administration makes me very sad. So I thought I'd give you a chance to tell your story and to air your concerns. And to dish the dirt--not gossip, not rumors but genuwhine 120 proof dirt. The real news, not the fake news in "Fluffstuff" or "Flagstaff" or whatever its called. So really Flagstiffed is YOU!!!

Where do you find the stuff that you publish? Kids, alot of this is available in public domain. Too bad your leaders have covered it up or were too lazy to dig. Alot of this stuff has been communicated to us from folks on the Left Coast (your president has no friends out here, doncha know). But most important: YOU SEND ME STUFF! Thank you for those emails.

How come some people get emails from you with updates? Well, I'm not sure if your ticked off because you DO get mail from me or if your ticked off because you DON"T get email from me. Some names I pick at random (thanks to your Web site). Some names are the names of teachers I admire (they know who they are) or employees I got to know. Some names I just pick at random.

Does the administration know about this Web site? You bet. Your main office in Richmond knows. Your administration knows. Don't you feel better now knowing thatt?

Are you really our college's president or one of his henchmen? That rumor came my way recently. LOL! And then I cried. Thats got to tell you something about the paranoia on your campus. Don't forget kids: Paranoia, like shit, flows down from the top. Get out of the slipstream.

Do news media know about this Web site? Some of them do. Do you really think they give a damn?

If I post an anonymous comment, can it be traced or identified? Nope. I can't tell who you are. Google/Blogger doesn't give a crap who you are. If you send us email though please use a dummy email account that can't be identified.

How do I post a comment? As always, click on the underlined links to post a comment. Click on Flagstiffed email link to send us mail. The comments are moderated, so I have to approve them before they actually appear on the Web. (Some folks were touching a few legal and ethical nerves with their messages, so we want to make sure they everybodyies protected and we can keep this operation going. No "defamation per se" here.)


Anonymous said...

Just wondering whether the hidden microphones in the ceiling of the College Board Room are still operatonal. Is it "safe" to hold meetings there, or is the room still "bugged?"

Flagstiffed said...

Good question and you're not the first person to ask. Theres been a lot of traffic on this issue so Flagstiffed has checked around.

Your College Board Room has microphones hidden in the ceiling that are supposed to be used only for recording collge board meetings. No word on who controls taht or how you can even know when there being used. Faculty report that interviews for job applicants are sometimes held there so you might want to be careful about what you say. Maybe your faculty leadership should ask the question of your administration directly.

Your administration would never admit to recording or listening in, of course, because the fallout would be tremendous but some faculty report that the administration seems to find out things that were supposed to be kept behind closed doors.

Given the fact that every employees emails were being monitored two years ago I wouldn't put it past them to be listening in. Maybe thats why you dont seen campus police around very much (at least thats what employees report to Flagstiffed). There too busy wiretapping!

Anonymous said...

Campus Police wiretapping? The Keystone cops are only good for writing Parking citations, nothing more, nothing less! Ponzi would have to bring in one of his own for that.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! You mean the Keystone cops on campus are supposed to patrol the campus and enforce rules and regulations? Oh my!! I guess someone forgot to explain that to the Grand Pooba, err, I mean the Police Chief. He has sworn officers manning the windows at the Parking Office, selling decals. They have guns!! The security officers who are armed with ticket books and pens are charged with the duty of patrolling the campus and protecting the students, staff, and faculty. Now, don't we all feel better?

Talk about skewed ideas. I am not sure if even the rose-colored glasses would help with the sight problem at Harrison Hall. Is there some crystal ball in that building that is showing a path down a yellow brick road or something? Or, are the vice presidents and all those special assistants rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking ship? There is something terribly wrong with the direction the school has taken, and the oompass Ponzi is using is skewed 90 degrees off of true North!!!

What is it going to take before someone in Richmond realizes that the Hampton campus and its leadership are the ticking time bomb no one wants to talk about? Is it only a matter of time before something really serious happens on campus and the response is delayed or never delivered because the police are too busy selling those all-important decals? I am sure the explanation to an injured student would be full of apologies and promises. But it is already a well-known fact that the rationalization and promises are as empty as the parking lots on Sunday afternoons.

With the Keystone Cops, we could at least laugh at the antics of the vehicle chases or rescues. Reflecting on the rapid decline of the morale and efficiency of the campus police department, comparing the group to the Keystone Cops is really insulting to the icons of the silent films. I guess the next question would be on any given day, which sworn officer gets to carry the bullet in his or her pocket ala Barney Fife? Between all the money spent on new equipment, training, and parking office software(that is down more than it is working), I would bet that the budget could only allow for one bullet.....Now, don't you feel safe on the campus?!!!

If this college has any friends, we can only hope that the staff, students, and faculty who are really dedicated to Thomas Nelson will be protected by their patrons' daily prayers. I think God has to be the Protector because there is no other form of security on the campus otherwise!!!

Flagstiffed said...

Flagstiffed has received reports from faculty expressing concerns about gang presence on campus. One faculty member for instance reported having a student who missed class because of gang intimidation on campus. Another faculty member reported an intimidating encounter with a student that included gang paraphanalia and gang signing but an administrator supposedly told the instructor to delete that from the report for the fear of being accused of racism.

Can any faculty or staff enlighten Flagstiffed?

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the Ponzi rent a cops! Contact the Campus cops we had a few years ago, you know, the ones that were ran off by Administration! I know I felt safe, they would listen to your concerns and take action! I was at TNCC when you hesitated walking through the Gators.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,they enforce the parking decals and they take to many valuable parking spaces with their fleet of vehicles. Why do they need so many vehicles when two of them are working in Parking? By the way, who is the Police Chief? Is he a Ponziac?

Anonymous said...

The debacle continues.....

Not only does TNCC have a police force that couldn't protect and serve a "hot now" donut from the local Krispy Kreme, but now the ineptitude of the police chief and the Parking Office is costing the campus dollars every day. The new, wonderful ticketing system is not up and running yet. So, no tickets are being written because there is no way to input the data. So, because the scanners cannot scan, does that prevent the tried and true method of using a pen or pencil and issuing manual citations not an option?!! I am sure all those students, faculty, and staff who purchased decals in order to be "legal" in the parking lots on campus are now fuming, knowing those who chose to ignore rules, laws, and social courtesies are parking at will wherever they so chose. They know no one will or can do anything about it. On any given day, there are probably hundreds of dollars that could be collected for these blatant infractions. But, the new system is not up and running and the old system is not employed at all. Ah, yes, the essence of common sense is as fleeting as the fall breezes blowing on campus now.......

Would the lack of direction or the lack of common sense qualify as a crime? Would someone call Richmond and let the dear Chancellor know that a 911 situation exists at TNCC in Hampton? Someone have mercy on this campus and please help us from the insanity that has taken over!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Governor, Get rid of Ponzi if you are looking for savings?

Governor Tim Kaine says he will lay off about 74 state employees and order reductions in travel, training and supply purchases in a 300 million dollar spending reduction.

The state also will eliminate 386 other positions in government through attrition.

Kaine says the cuts are an effort to reduce a shortfall of 641 million dollars in the current state budget.

Kaine also proposes using over 300 million dollars from the state rainy day fund, a move broadly opposed by the Republican-controlled General Assembly.

The governor said he rejected proposals to cut "safety net" programs such as support for home-delivered meals to seniors and the disabled; children's mental health care; expansion of indoor plumbing and drinking water; free clinics; and security on college campuses.

Kaine said he's taking a 5 percent cut in his own $175,000 annual salary and eliminating the 4 percent pay raise that members of his staff were due next month.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, if we demoted some VPs to assoc vp and some assoc VPs to directors, we could realize some savings.

Anonymous asks, Would someone call the chancellor and let him know that a 911 situation exists?

Sweetheart, first of all, don't you have a phone? Have you ever heard of writing an anonymous letter? Have you ever heard of calling the Employee Fraud Waste and Abuse Hotline? I've done all three already. Noticed any change?

Second of all, do you think that the chancellor really gives a shit about us? We were the sacrificial victim so Ma Belle could find a job for her crony. Barring a legal finding against him President Ponzi aint going nowhere anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thinkg it can't get any worse . . . it gets worse. At the Facutly Senate meeting where the Keystone Kops had been asked to talk with us about GANG PRESENCE ON CAMPUS we learned that a FACULTY MEMBER HAD BEEN PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED ON CAMPUS THIS WEEK. But you didn't hear about did you? That's because the Keystone Kops told us that a minor was the assailant so they can't talk about it.

How many ways can YOU spell BULLSHIT? Has anybody heard the details about this assault?

Anonymous said...

I heard that the Keystone Kops are scrabbling. Real Police work? What do we do? This is not like writing a parking ticket! Question to the kops. Why was a juvenile on campus? I understand it was not a 17 year old but younger. Did the parents get notified? I heard not? So does the case get kicked out of the court system due to lack of an adequate Police investigation? Why don't we save budget money and hire Top Guard! I hear that the owner is on the TNCC board now! Plus it will open up more parking spaces on campus after the fleet of kop cars are gone?

Anonymous said...

Now in other news, how about the speech teacher who's class two vice presidents had to visit because one of her students gave a speech saying that "n-word" was an evil word that both white and black people should never use?

Apparently a student in the class complained to the administration (not to the teacher of course) that the student said white people SHOULD call black people the "n-word". This lie apparently convinced the two vice presidents. This student has learned how to work the system and the vice presidents have rewarded her for it. Another case of "teaching while white" apparently thats becoming more common under President Ponzi.

Academic freedom? Free speech? Not in Ponzi world.

Anonymous said...

Anybody see the news release that TCC got a real HR administrator, while we're stuck with the incompetent, uneducated dweeb in HR? if i recall, one of the 'agreements' when she recieved the position was that she had to complete her degree...has she? no, she's been too busy figuring out how to cover ponzi's tail and recieving marching orders from the czar in richmond. what's the old saying about who's running the asylum? in this case, it is the inmates.

Flagstiffed said...

Apparently the college has now become a non residential psychiatric facilty. See Flagstiffed's new report "Manic Masturbator Assaults Instructor".

Anonymous said...

Oh Brothers and Sisters of Ponziland! Let us open our texts to the Gospel of Dr. Richmond and learn of the need for diversity training for those of us who do not understand the culture of the black man...That when caught cheating with evidence in hand, it would be insensitive of the paler sect to remove that evidence from him and make accusations of any kind. Rather, that epitome of the culture to which TNCC so aspires should be the example for all our student body-cheat like hell, don't get caught, and when you do, cry "Racist!" Gangs and drugs run rampant in the halls of TNCC. Oh, but those who make this known to police, administration, and media are told not to mention it because it reflects racial bias. President Ponzi makes the final decisions on new hires, no matter of the suggestions of search committees. You do not have to be qualified for the job, just part of the culture club. There is just no other way to say it, folks...if it looks and smells like the bullshit it is, it is definitely bullshit.

Between the stake driven deep in the heart of this school by some administrators who have a definite plan to destroy Thomas Nelson and the new crop of VPs who are disciples of that agenda, there is no hope for TNCC to remain the center for academic achievement it was chartered to be. Now, it is the center for learning about baggy pants, crooked ball caps, gang signs, disrespect for authority and rules of any kind, and intolerance of others if not of your "culture." Thank you so much, Dr. Richmond. Between your arrival and that of Ponzi and the other court jesters, you have managed to make the Hampton campus a place where academic freedom, free speech, and an atmosphere of collegiality are all but memories. Draconian is the method used to keep faculty and staff in line. Students will tire of feeling afraid for their safety and cheated in their attempts to experience the college experience and go elsewhere. Even now, some students are bearing the burden of fuel costs and driving to TCC in Norfolk, Portsmouth,Virginia Beach, and even Chesapeake to avoid dealing with the Hampton campus circus.

Brothers and sisters, let us close pages of the Gospel of Dr. Richmond. Let us leave now, accepting the propaganda of sensitivity training, forgetting the instructors who are penalized for "teaching while white" and let the mantra be on our lips each day we are on the campus of TNCC that has evolved-Blackness in all we do!

Senator said...

For those who don't know or have forgotten what you are referring to, Anonymous, about two years ago one of our college's most respected, most professional, most dedicated, most fair, and kindest faculty members discovered that one of his students had a copy of an exam that the student was not supposed to possess. When the instructor confiscated the exam paper, the student grabbed the professor.

The interim vice president for Student Affairs informed the faculty member that he did not understand black men and that he should undertake diversity training in order to do so. He should not have confiscated the exam paper.

I don't know what happened to the student. Neither the student nor the college apologized to the faculty member.

Of course that same interim VP when she interviewed for the permanent appointment (which she never got, fortunately) characterized the denizens of Harrison Hall as the "brains of the college" to which the rest of us are just bone and sinew.

Brain dead, more like. Persistent vegetative state.

Time to pull the plug on the life support.

Major Minority said...

Take it not personally, Oh Pale Ones. Minority faculty are also being accused of racism. Take it from me: I've been there and have been done by that. Apparently insisting on, maintaining, and holding students accountable to high academic standards now constitute "racism" or "classism" or "disability discrimination." Of course, you can hardly blame the students for wanting to work the system, but the administrative pandering? Despicable.

Cindy Dy said...

So happy to be given a privilege to post a comment here. You have a wonderful site. Thank you for the effort to publish this.

Shea Kang said...

Do one thing everyday that scares you.