Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Contest: Find a New Excuse for the Deficit

Just in time for the weekend. Our faithful reader Marge Inavera has suggested another weekend contest: Find the college administration a new excuse for the deficit.

The administration has already offereed several different versions of why there's an almost million dollar deficit (uncollected receivables, the incompetence of previous administrations, too many students) and we're sure that we're going to see more.

So lets help the college administration out with new explanations. Click on the headline above to post your anonymous submissions.

Marge suggests this one to get things started: In this Star Trek episode, Klingons have invaded the college and plundered its bank account. You can alwys blame Klingons. Make it so.


TNCC Teach said...

"Someone" in The Business Office (Taylor always looks for a convenient scapegoat) gave the college's bank account numbers to a Nigerian email pal.

Anonymous said...

Even tho scores of employees have been fired or quit since Taylor came on board, the college can't figure out how to take them off the payroll!

Senator said...

David Copperfield made the money disappear.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the phasers are set on "stunned" as none of us can believe what is happening to our campus right in front of our eyes. Maybe we were booked on the wrong Holodeck for our recreation period! No one could have dreamed this up!!!!

Scotty, you are so lucky you were beamed up already!!!!

Anonymous said...

David Copperfield couldn't be the culprit. After seeing the harm done to the TNCC part-timers, he'd have used his magic to make about $100,000 re-appear!

Anonymous said...

Hello and goodbye....wish ya luck..but I am through posting blog comments! I sent a copy and paste comment from the blog to the VCCS leaders and this is the way they handle comments? I am only a staff member and I have a few more years before I retire so I don't need this drama! Here is the reply I got:

I don't know how you got my name, but I'm actually glad you did. I
serve as System Counsel and Assistant Attorney General to the Virginia Community College System.
It's not often that someone will be as bold as you by publishing
defamatory remarks directly to a lawyer. It's clear you don't have a clue about how local board members are chosen and your false
statements,which you are using in an attempt to malign Chancellor DuBois' character, could be actionable as defamation per se. This is a warning to you to cease and desist with passing on such false information not
only about Dr. DuBois, but also about Dr. Taylor. If you do not, be aware that the VCCS will consider taking legal action. You're not as
anonymous as you think you are.

Rita R. Woltz
System Counsel
Virginia Community College System
(804) 819-4906

Anonymous said...

Big mistake there, pardner! First of all, you made the assumption that anyone at VCCS actually cared about what happens at TNCC. Secondly, a forum for free speech is just that. However, free speech to counsel must mean their free speech, not yours. This forum is for us to freely vent and openly discuss feelings about TNCC. However, it should not be allowed to be stymied by a pompous group of people who are charged to defend rights not to remove them!!!

Hang in there.